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Your Local Number on your Mobile

The business phone system

Enable your business phone system to work efficiently, within a budget and your employees to be more productive without all the hardware costs.

The ideal solution

Our business phone system offers your business greater communications flexibility with excellent  features.

  • Simple communication
  • Easy to budget
  • Robust and reliable architecture
  • Flexible call routing
  • Significantly reduced costs against traditional systems
  • Scalable when your business grows
  • UK service desks

Artis features include

No on-site hardware needed:

All support and maintenance is provided by Artis Telecom’s monitoring and UK support team, 

You just use an app on your mobile or on your laptop

Mobile App on IoS and Android (some Blackberry’s are Android based too)

Laptops :- Windows, Mac and Linux

You can have hardware phones too or mix and match, but there is a cost to the hardware phones so please talk to us about it.

Clear budgeting of costs:

It’s all in the bundle for Uk mobile and landlines 2000 minutes a month

UK Mobiles 091- 097 prefix and landlines with 01,02,03 prefix are included in the bundle

Maximum single call duration is 60 minutes

New numbers, Porting and  migrating your numbers

We can give you a new number or we can usually move your existing number to our service. We have been in business for 17 years so know how to deal with these requests. 

International and high rate calls

If you need to make these calls you can add credit to your account, just ask us and we will send you a top up invoice- ( Minimum £25.00 inc VAT)


With Artis Telecom’s system you are safe in the knowledge that you benefit from excellent reliability of service.

Business connectivity If you have an office:

 A full range of business connectivity with fail-over, Diverse connections, leased lines, fiber and 4G – all to keep your business connected and working


You sign a direct debit that invoices you for the month  in advance for your package, you then get to work and use it.

If you start part way in the month we will send you an invoice you can pay by card for that part of the month.

If you need to make other higher rate and International calls we will send you an invoice that you can pay to add credit for those call types. The net amount  carries over on a monthly basis. – There are no refunds available for this service.