Your Local Number on your Mobile

System features

Caller ID – Presents the incoming call number on your handset

Call routing – Create rules to direct calls where you need them based on extensions available, time of day Etc
Hunt group – Ring a group of phones simultaneously or sequentially, search for a free extension or select the next agent in line to share incoming calls

Call Transfer – Transfer a call to another destination without the need of a switchboard

Call hold – Place the caller on hold, they just hear music on hold or your marketing message

Call forwarding – Remotely or locally Program an extension to automatically transfer to another internal or external number

Conference calling – Make use of the conference facility on your phone

Call Parking  – Park a call so other users can pick it up

Call Barring – Administrators only can set up call bars from Total, in or outbound, premium rate, international, 118, 0844 or 0871, mobiles, internal only Etc
                      Good for managing remote / overseas staff, call abuse by staff, nuisance calls – a manager pin code can also be implemented to override if required
Click to dial – Call a number on a web page and clipboard dialing

Unified voicemail – Pick up voicemail from any or your devices different voicemail messages can be presented when busy, out of hours Etc

Address book – Search by contact name from your IP phone or PC application

Never miss a call in or out of the office

Mobile APP – Your Apple or android phone is an extension of your switchboard or system, Call from your mobile while displaying your office number or home number

Handle calls using your data base – The ability to look up calls via CRM systems

Multi site Locations  – Multiple sites, homeworkers and associates all on the same switchboard even in different countries

Remote users – Can appear to be working from your main office while working from other locations

Multiple numbers –  Host all your numbers including freephone, 01,02,03,08 plus international numbers across the world

Remote Provisioning – Remotely change the handset user, details, DDI and extension permissions anywhere in the world